Dr. Nancy Stagliano
Chief Executive Officer
Nancy Stagliano, Ph.D. is currently Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of True North Therapeutics, a rare disease therapeutics company working in the classical complement pathway. Dr. Stagliano has an accomplished career as a biotech leader spanning all aspects of the industry, from company building, discovery research and strategy to global medical affairs and corporate communications. Previously, Dr. Stagliano was CEO of iPierian, Inc. which applied human iPSCs to model neurodegenerative diseases. The company and its lead antibody program against Tau for the treatment of PSP and Alzheimer’s disease was acquired by BMS in April of 2014 for a total deal value of $725M. Nancy was the CEO and co-founder of CytomX Therapeutics and a lead inventor on the patents for CytomX’s Probody platform. In earlier roles with CytomX, she served as the COO of CytomX LLC, which launched CytomX Therapeutics as well as Cynvenio Biosystems. Before moving to California, Nancy joined the Cambridge, Massachusetts, biotechnology industry in the late 1990s, where she had an eight-year tenure at Millennium Pharmaceuticals and consulted to several local startups. Dr. Stagliano received her BS in Electrical Engineering and her MS in Biomedical Engineering, both from Drexel University in Philadelphia. She obtained her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Miami, followed by three years as an independently-funded research fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where she studied mechanisms of brain injury after stroke.
Dr. Gary Patou
Chief Medical Officer
Gary Patou, M.D., is Chief Medical Officer at True North Therapeutics. Dr. Patou also serves as Head of Clinical for Chiasma on a limited basis. In addition, he has been a Managing Director at MPM Capital, a venture capital fund focused on life sciences companies, since 2005. Previously, Dr. Patou was Chief Medical Officer for Pacira Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PCRX), Chief Medical Officer at Peplin, Chief Medical Officer of Cerimon Pharmaceuticals, and Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Oscient Pharmaceuticals just after its merger with GeneSoft Pharmaceuticals. Before GeneSoft, Dr. Patou worked at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, now a unit of GlaxoSmithKline, as Senior Vice President and Director, Project and Portfolio Management, managing all of the company’s pharmaceutical development projects. He also serves on the board of directors at Xenon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: XENE). Dr. Patou has held a number of academic appointments at University College & Middlesex School of Medicine and received his B.Sc. from University of London and his M.D. from University College London.
Pamela M. Wapnick
Chief Financial Officer
Pam Wapnick is Chief Financial Officer, bringing more than 25 years of international business and finance experience to True North Therapeutics. Previously, Ms. Wapnick held senior financial management roles at Amgen Corporation, including Vice President of Finance for Research and Development, where she had corporate finance responsibility for Amgen’s global R&D activities, and Vice President and Treasurer of Amgen, where she had responsibility for global capital planning, capital markets and banking activities. Prior to Amgen, she held senior financial management positions in the automotive industry, including Federal Mogul Corporation, Delphi Corporation, and General Motors Corporation. Ms. Wapnick holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wellesley College and an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School.
Dr. Adam Rosenthal
Chief Business Officer
Adam Rosenthal, Ph.D. is Chief Business Officer at True North Therapeutics. Previously, Dr. Rosenthal was Vice President of Corporate Development at iPierian. Prior to joining iPierian, he was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, working with Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies in the areas of R&D, operations, and corporate strategy. Prior to joining BCG, he worked at MIT’s Technology Licensing Office, commercializing MIT technology through startup formation and collaborations with industry. Dr. Rosenthal received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard and MIT, studying stem cells using lab-on-a-chip technology. He was the recipient of several graduate fellowships, including the National Science Foundation and MIT Presidential fellowships. Dr. Rosenthal holds a Master of Engineering degree from MIT in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and dual B.S. degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Science.
Dr. Graham Parry
Vice President of Technical Operations
Graham Parry, Ph.D. is Vice President of Technical Operations at True North Therapeutics. He has over 10 years of experience in drug discovery and pre-clinical development in the biotech industry. Previously, Dr. Parry was Senior Director of Translational Research at iPierian. Prior to joining iPierian, he was Director of Biology at Attenuon LLC, where he was involved in the development of two drugs that entered Phase II clinical trials and where he discovered an antibody targeting the urokinase receptor (uPAR) with robust anti-tumor activity. More recently Dr. Parry has worked with San Diego based Motility Inc. and directed the preclinical development of a novel biotherapeutic with applications in oncology and ophthalmology. Dr. Parry has published 45 original articles in refereed journals, several book chapters and reviews, and is co-inventor on 6 pending or issued patents. Dr. Parry obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Biology at Brunel University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of London. His postdoctoral research was conducted at The Scripps Research Institute and focused on the regulation of endothelial cell gene expression, coagulation and fibrinolysis.
Dr. Sandip Panicker
Director of Discovery Research
Sandip Panicker, Ph.D., is Director of Discovery Research at True North Therapeutics and has been with the company since its founding. Previously, Dr. Panicker had been Associate Director of Inflammation at iPierian, having joined the company in November 2012 to lead discovery efforts in its pipeline of complement therapeutics. Sandip began his pharmaceutical career at Roche Palo Alto in 2007, where he studied the biophysical mechanisms that regulate T cell effector functions. Upon the closure of the Palo Alto site, Dr. Panicker continued his research at the Hoffman La Roche Nutley site in New Jersey, where he established his own lab and nominated, led, and advanced drug discovery programs through target validation, high-throughput screening, and lead identification/optimization efforts. In Nutley, he focused primarily on pro-inflammatory signaling mechanisms in cells of the innate immune system pertinent to autoimmune settings. Dr. Panicker received his Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UC San Diego. His postdoctoral work at UC San Francisco focused on the molecular mechanisms governing synaptic trafficking of glutamate receptors at hippocampal synapses.