At True North, we are guided by the needs of patients as we discover life-changing medicines for rare diseases. We combine scientific and clinical expertise in diseases of the Complement system so that we can rapidly develop new drugs for rare diseases with few, if any, treatment options.

True North is a leader in the field of Complement therapeutics. Our R&D is focused on finding novel drugs for rare diseases in which complement is a key driver of pathogenesis. We concentrate on therapies that can intervene upstream in the Complement system, selectively targeting the pathway underlying the disease.

True North has a robust product engine capable of generating a proprietary pipeline of novel monoclonal antibodies to treat rare diseases. Our most advanced product candidate, TNT009, is a first-in-class, anti-C1s antibody that selectively targets the Classical pathway of the Complement system. This novel antibody is currently in clinical development for the treatment of rare diseases in hematology, transplantation, and dermatology. Because numerous other diseases are driven by the same underlying mechanism addressed by TNT009, there are clear possibilities for therapeutic benefit for other indications.