Our drug development: Selectively targeting the classical pathway of the complement system

Aberrant complement activity can drive pathology in numerous autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. True North’s most advanced programs are focused on innovative antibody therapeutics that target the Classical pathway of the Complement system. In particular, our initial drug development is focused on targeting C1s, a key enzyme specific to the Classical pathway. Our antibodies prevent the generation of critical inflammatory mediators and phagocytic markers not addressed by other therapeutic approaches that act by inhibiting the Complement system further downstream. Additionally, this highly specific approach allows the other pathways of the Complement system that contribute to healthy immune system function to remain intact.

The classical pathway: How its dysregulation can drive autoimmune diseases

The Complement system is a central component of the innate humoral immune system. The Classical pathway is one of three pathways of the Complement system which, along with the Lectin and Alternative pathways, play a pivotal role in host defense against infection. The Classical pathway is activated by antigen-antibody complexes that direct specific responses of the immune system to attack and remove pathogens.

However, in various autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, the Classical pathway is activated by antibodies that trigger the Complement system to attack the body’s own cells and tissues. In these settings, inappropriate Classical pathway activity induces inflammation and cellular destruction. True North’s therapeutic inhibition of Classical pathway activation prevents these disease driving mechanisms.